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01 Weekly Podcast

The Nth Degree is a weekly stretching exercise for me. It stretches me to get out of my comfort zone and share, in front of anybody who cares to listen, about the internal processing I'm going through, the understandings I've learned and some of the current revelatory thoughts I'm entertaining.

My plan is to provide a personal update about each Episode here on my website.

Sometimes we talk about things that need a further unpacking, or I just have further thoughts to share.  Sometimes I relisten to what Bralynn and I talk about and have another insight I want to share or simply an update on what I've learned since the taping of the broadcast.

Find the updates on the "More" tab above, under The Nth Degree tab. Click 'Donna's Update' on each episode to engage it! 

You can find the Podcast on the following platforms:

The Playlist on my YouTube channel.

The dedicated channel on Rumble

(I encourage you to download their app and follow us there!)

Apple Podcasts

Fringe Radio Network on iHeart Radio

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