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On-Going Projects

The Nth Degree with Newby & Neeper

01 Weekly Podcast

"The Nth Degree with Newby & Neeper" is a free podcast released every Wednesday evening. I do this in collaboration with my friend, Bralynn Newby, of Spirit Centered Business. 

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02 Multi-Dimensional BioHacking

Fringe healing and health modalities for your spirit, soul and body. Not your doctor, just your friend.

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03 Lingering Human Spirits

Understanding the little known. Definitions and help from a redemptive perspective.

04 Angels

Uncommon exploration with an aim toward co-laboring in the Kingdom of Yeshua.

05 Prayer Templates

Personalized patterns to use as a guide to help focus your prayer time. By topic for fruitful outcomes.

06 Courts of Heaven

Judicial type prayers requesting verdicts of justice from the Righteous Judge of all.

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