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02 Multi-Dimensional BioHacking

This project is one of those that has been on my back-burner for along time. Every now and then I knew it needed stirring, and yet I also knew it need a long simmer on the back burner as other things needed my attention. NOW is the time for this project to come to the front burner.

Since January 2023 I've been working with a team of 5 individuals who each bring their interests, skills sets, health-field experiences, and their desire to catch the new winds of integrated healing for ordained care of the whole human and see where it takes us. If you remotely understood what I just said, you're probably someone who wants to know more about what is available to us on the cutting edge of the resurgence in ancients paths of health, healing and spiritual activation to heal life's blows and traumas that are keeping us stuck and unhealthy.

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