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Dwellhouse Productions began with the word "dwellness."

I know,'s not really a word. Yet this non-word stuck to me like glue for several weeks in 2019. And then... it was gone. As suddenly as it appeared.

In January 2022 "dwellness" came around to my human spirit again, shadowing my thinking and then appearing front and center in a bold definition about a way of being, and a way of living. Intrigued, I began the unpacking of a concept that, so far, has turned into Dwellhouse Productions. 

My Story

My name is Donna Neeper. Dwellhouse Productions is my baby, well, actually, if I'm honest, I'm probably just the surrogate mother, but the concept of "dwellness" has grown and is growing fast since February 2022 . Dwellness incorporates an impartation to quicken the concept of your "inner house", the place one actually lives from, as you express it from the unseen realm to the physical dimension. The place one is invited and meant to live from starts with access to the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.

What is Dwellhouse Productions all about?

It's a service business offering content and coaching to encourage you to intentionally enlarge your human spirit to fill your own Dwellhouse. I help you do that through shared written and video content, courses (up-coming!), one-on-one live personal coaching through Zoom (whether as an accountability-oriented coach, a spiritual activator or an engagement connector). Keep reading for details about what I offer.

Lots of people just need someone in their life that they can trust with these types of spiritually-oriented things. An equal number of people need a sounding board, a safe place to broach hidden or underlying personal questions, the types of questions they are unsure whether it is safe to ask most of the other people in their lives. I serve in that position and coach from my own life's experiences with God, my developed spiritual giftings and my own relationship with God's Holy Spirit in my personal Dwellhouse.


My biggest goal is to further your spiritual journey with Love Himself through activation, pointed discussions, and targeted questions to help you consider things you've not considered yet. I want to help you richly expand your Dwellhouse, that place where the Spirit of God lavishly dwells together in oneness with your human spirit.


If what I do sounds like ministry, ministry does often happen, but I have no credentials as a minister. If what I do sounds like spiritual coaching, or even a spiritual consultant, I would agree, it's mostly like that. Some people might call what I do a form of counseling or even therapy, but again, I have no formal training in counseling and make no claims to be called a counselor or therapist. However, I do know the Counselor, and I want you to know Him better too.  

From within the gathering place of your Dwellhouse your inner hope-dreams are coaxed, and a space to nurture those dreams forms until they are ready to be seen. You and Creator-God who is Father are meant to enjoy doing that together. A Dwellhouse is a place for restful contemplation on how one fills their life and ultimately causes them to become who they are becoming. This concept is based upon the good things people are meant to accomplish and the discovery about how they are going to go about doing that... in a less than perfect world... but with the Best Friend, and help from Father's angelic race of spirit-beings.

Content on this website includes teaching and training opportunities that incorporate the unseen part of life and the part of life called trust and belief. Are all these programs ready to roll? Most certainly not. Most are still in the nesting stage as they gather momentum in their incubation. But stay tuned, because the building cycle has begun! I would enjoy connecting with you on your journey if you need my services.

Nice To Meet You

Planet earth hosts me in the northwestern part of Oklahoma City, OK. 

I'm the face behind the house in Dwellhouse, and the voice that writes the content that Dwellhouse produces. You'll find me reading a book, coaching a client with life-coaching-colored lenses or making foray's into the heavenly dimensions. I also use a megaphone to launch your spirit to realms you thought you could not go to and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to engage the mysteries of our everyday lives from the point of seeing the glass half-full and the dandelion weed as a thing of beauty!



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