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Multi-Dimensional Bio-Hacking?

It's a mouthful isn't it? What is it? That's the functional name of a group of health-and-wellness enthusiasts and practitioners of whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know and helping to gather.

YOU are invited to our Premier Virtual Event on March 23 at 2:00 Eastern. It's free and I'm personally inviting you to join us. (Pre-register here to get the Zoom details.) (Oh, and it's free!) Who are we? Our group began when a friend and I got together on Zoom to chat at the end of 2022. One thing led to another and we found our new weekly conversations usually focused on discussions around alternative health and healing modalities that we'd either heard about, experienced, or wanted to learn about.

Soon we invited three other people to join our discussions that we knew had both interest and experience in these things too. This core group has met weekly since the end of December. Each week I was forced to internally acknowledge my growing recognition that what we were talking about, how we were approaching our topic, and how we flowed together (from each of our experiential talents, spiritual giftings, or practiced skill sets) to meet the spiritual and physical-healing needs of each other ought to be shared with a wider group of people.

Sometimes you build the airplane as you are flying it through the air

At one of our weekly meetings we finally came to the consensus that we might share our conversation with others and "see what happens". Out of that came the suggested date MARCH 23, 2023. We put a pin in that date and then watched each other panic regarding what we had just agreed to do in front of "the public"!

However, we've recovered our initial sense of purpose to make our roundtable-type discussion about bio-hacking health and healing available to any who are interested. I'm officially opening the invitation to you! Come and hear us introduce ourselves and our topics, and bring your questions, especially the type you were always afraid to ask someone!

What we're going to talk about and why you might care

When it comes to health, wellness and especially healing, almost everyone knows a little of some alternative ideas, out-of-the-box modalities or unusual treatments which are not the traditional, allopathic, pharmaceutical-oriented, or alphabet-organization-approved ones. These unconventional, often pioneering, methods are largely unknown except by a relatively small circle of advocates. But when it comes to mapping your own health journey, have you ever longed to talk with experienced people in an environment that invites inquisitiveness and leaves fear out of the discussion?

Multi-dimensional bio-hacking includes topics around healing and health that you may have heard about but were never quite sure what others might think about you if you embraced it, wanted to learn about it, or even had a thought about practicing it! We want to share, discuss and quite frankly toss around some ideas like this that may help you find new lingo, new ideas, or lead you to a strategy that helps you compensate for the pain or suffering you or a loved one is undergoing.

Let's be honest, after our body-focused year of 2020, we know we've uncovered a rather broken, and even corrupt, conglomeration of health adherents and authorities out there, and we want to be a part of the redemption as well as the reformation.

Slay fear at the door, by announcing our stand within the Kingdom of God

Someone recently expressed to me the frustration in just wanting to know "up front" where people who operate in the non-traditional healing of body and soul really stand spiritually. It brought up a good point. If we Christians say we want all glory to be reflected to our God and King, then should we not make it clear up front where we stand as followers of Jesus Christ? Even when we are investigating healing modalities that source from nations not typically known for Judeo-Christian methodologies? That's why we are lifting the banner of "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear" over our March 23rd Zoom gathering. All five people on our small team is God-centered, God-chasing, and God-relating through Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. As such, we are safe within our covenant rights to pursue methods and protocols of alternative healing modalities that might just be what God uses to touch us deeply -- whether we are healed by the breaking of a believed-lie, a moment of surrendered forgiveness toward another, the addition of a nutrient, the recall of a best-practice, deliverance from a demonic assignment, or a modality of physical application that we had never experienced before.

God wants us to be involved in healing the spirit, soul and body. Both ours and those around us. This is the multi-dimensional nature of our bio-hacking goal.

Let the fun begin

I hope you can join us and if you can't join us virtually "live and onscreen", please register for the meeting anyway because we can keep you updated as to the details of what this may become. We've agreed to do one meeting together where we invite you, our audience, to join us, hear us out, and to ask us some questions, and then see what happens next.

That's it. BUT... you never know how and when things will morph as we joyfully watch for God's opportunities and create our lives with Him! We can't wait to see what unfolds! See you on Thursday, March 23rd!

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