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The Dauntless Dwellhouse, No. 1

Courageously filling up earthly dimensions with Who indwells me from on high.

April 14, 2023

Welcome to the first edition of The Dauntless Dwellhouse! Every week I aim to highlight joys and reflections from my experience at the intersection of planet earth and the unseen Kingdom of God. Dwelling on earth and simultaneously in heavenly places, my blog posts leverage my experiential knowledge with exhortation for impact.

This edition is dedicated to the phrase "crossing over".

What I'm celebrating -

Crossing over to another yearly cycle of God's goodness.

If the recent celebration of Passover, and it's association to the Lamb of God crossing the threshold of His assignment to become the Lion of Judah, isn't a perfect picture of how Father intentionally moves us forward through moments of precise time, well... I can't think of a better one!

  • This first edition of The Dauntless Dwellhouse is a type of threshold. It's a new presentation of my thoughts (here on my blog) and has been simmering for some time. I see the precision of time to move this out into the open as we've just celebrated the resurrection (the revealing!) of Jesus.

    • He activated all who would believe into the the domain and inheritance of Father's Kingdom.

  • If you've been connected here for a little while, you know I've been through some large life transitions. Just recently I've seen a few new roots appear and took note of the timing of Passover with my sense of having fully crossed over (it's taken a year to get fully through!).

    • In case you're going through transition, remember that crossing over fully, does not come easily. It can be challenging. Make room for God's grace. Crossing over, however, is the plan of God.

      • Some of us do it better than others.

      • How are you doing with yours?

      • Take time to review the threshold's you've come across.

      • Celebrate and savor the victory of that accomplishment.

What I'm learning more deeply -

  • Some of us get stuck along the way and need a helping hand (can I throw you a rope?), a friendly reminder, and an encouragement to keep on moving forward. We look forward (not back) into the hope of greater and greater expectation of fullness (whether wholeness, abundance or multiplication) because that is the desire of God for us.

    • It's buried in His heart's plans.

    • It bursts out at springtime for all to see in the recall of the first Passover and the passing over that Jesus did from the cross to the ascension.

    • Now, by faith, what He did, we can do too (and we don't have to have a dead body first, we can access heaven through Jesus at any time while here in our body).

  • Think about it: celebrations usually mark successful events; not unsuccessful ones. The lamb's blood on the doorposts of the Hebrew dwellings in Egypt has been celebrated right up to and onward through the cross of Jesus every year by increasing numbers of populations. By that measurement, I would call the original Exodus event a definite success!

    • The bigger the successful event...the more freedom we are able to appropriate to celebrate it with! Through the Lamb of God and His cross we achieved so much freedom because of the success of Jesus -- proved as He was raised from the grave!

      • Huge quantities of happiness, gratefulness and joy over His achievement and accomplishment can fill me. That's what I celebrate.

  • What I call Passover and victorious Resurrection Sunday may be Easter to you, but to me it has far more to do with dimensional access than any bunny or egg could hope to represent. I hope your celebration was deeply moving and forward-looking too. 🌷

What I'm listening to -

Springtime sounds especially winds, rain and birds. And this:

  • "I walked out of my Grave Clothes". Dancing with you!

  • Roaring with this one: Lion "Hail, hail, Lion of Judah; let the Lion roar!"

A quote I'm pondering -

Unless you roar the enemy doesn't get off the path!

-Chuck Pierce


Thank you for reading the first edition!

Your feedback is a gift. Which part above is your favorite? What resonated and pinged within? What did I miss? Have a recommendation? What do you want more of? Please kindly let me and the readers of this blog know in the public comment section. Thank you to all of you are are risking the scrutiny of others in jotting your thoughts here. In sharing our wisdom wisely, we expand.

If you enjoyed this blog post edition, please help spread the word by sharing it with your closets friend or entire network.

From my dwelling to yours, from our dwelling places to the world, let the habitation of His Presence deploy and diffuse.

You are a dauntless dwellhouse.

Dwell well,


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