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A Splashing Spiritual Opportunity!

UPDATE: Your invitation to come along!

Hot summer months call for doing things a little differently than normal... after all, isn't that what a "vacation" is really all about?

You may recall that I planned an opportunity to offer, and then it had to pause and sit on the back-burner for awhile.

Well.... it's baaaaacccccckkkk!

AND SOON! Next Tuesday, June 21st! (A quick turn-around, are you in? Come on in, the water's great!)

What is it? A weekly check-in full of challenging spiritual thoughts to keep your spirit-man refreshed and "up front" for 10 weeks (during the hottest parts of the summer in the USA).

  • Bralynn Newby and I are collaborating with both our spheres so that we ALL multiply! (Check us out on The Nth Degree, if you're curious to see our collaborating energy.)

  • We'll be flowing with Holy Spirit by offering 10 Tuesday's together with you at 2:00 PM Eastern Time via Zoom (for one hour each).

  • All sessions will be recorded for you to catch up with later, if you can't join us live for some reason.

  • A Group online at MeWe will contain our Community! (Details after you sign up!)

  • We will effervescently spray you with some "present now" and "future now" teachings and issue mini-challenges for the week ---for you to work on with Holy Spirit until the next time we meet! This helps keep your spirit forward and engaged with our King!

  • Dream interpretation, journaling tips, writing "under the influence of Holy Spirit", and other deeper spiritual dynamics will be touched on!

  • We want to stay refreshed and "wet" with Holy Spirit's influence, and we're inviting you to come along with us.

We're going to be doing some cool stuff together! Come stick your toe in the river with us and see what happens.

To find out all details GO HERE and SIGN UP! Last day to sign up is June 28th. Don't miss this!

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