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What's Next?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Been asking myself this. What does my entrepreneurial journey look like? From my very limited view it looks like the close-up of a rock-climbing wall with very few hand holds! And I'm still on flat ground, solidly fastened there by gravity and unproven skill-sets.

I recall telling a group of about 20 learners recently that a learning curve looks exactly like that! A vertical climb, very few hand or toe holds, one flimsy rope to catch you and the unhappy thought that you must begin again if you fall!

The thing to remember about a learning curve is that you can't expect yourself to be further along than you really are. You are where you are, so just accept it. Stop wishing yourself down the road further than you are. Enjoy the present moment, but do the stuff! Soon, you'll be there.

Speaking of doing the stuff... here's my next adventure. I invite you to come along!

I do not want to experience the long, hot, dry, summer months of

spiritual inactivity. I'm ready to go River Rafting with the Holy Spirit.

Many of you know that I've wanted to share on the topic of Dreams, yeah, those night dreams you get and don't know what to do with!

In the 12-week program that Bralynn Newby and I are putting together, we're going to include that in our topics. I. can. not. wait. I love dreams and I love talking about dreams, because one thing always happens when I start talking about dreams, I begin getting more dreams... and so does everyone around me that is talking with me about dreams!

Dreams are important communication pathways!

Check out our opportunity and consider joining us! Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus have important messages to give you, it's time to begin to study your dreams!

  • 12-week program

  • Tuesday, 2pm Eastern Time

  • Begins May 31st (cuts off after June 14)

  • Recorded, so if you miss you'll have a chance to catch up

  • Live, during the day... so you're not so tired

  • Chat community on Telegram or MeWe (haven't decided which yet)

  • Deeper topics than we cover on The Nth Degree (the talk show)

  • Mini-challenges and some accountability - we all need it now and then to grow further

  • Let's do this! Come invest in yourself and your spiritual maturity.

See you with at the edge of the water. Don't forget your paddle!

Now that you've finished reading, scroll on back up and click the River Rafting link so you'll have the details about getting all wet with us in the living water of the Holy Spirit. Or... click here.

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