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No more Promise Guilt

Hello! It's 2023. I'm sure you are not like me in this thing... I made a promise to myself, completely internally, no one knew, and then I kept breaking the promise (I blew by my deadline, I fell into laziness about it, etc.). After a week or two of this behavior I became very aware that I was walking around with that ick-feeling called guilt.

I'm SURE you are not like me, and that you never do that. But if you are like me then keep reading. [smiles with satisfaction that guilty ick-feelings are about to flee].

At the beginning of December 2022 my meditation and prayer with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit suddenly settled into a path forward about writing this blog.

I recall being thrilled to discover that an answer to my queries about this blog had been answered. Not a thunderbolt-from-Heaven answer, but rather an answer where Father used a very natural means in the physical realm to help me "see a way through". Here's what happened: A piece of someone's public writing came across my normal everyday activity, and it unpacked itself in my spirit by suddenly holding the "significance" of my answer, not by the content of the writing, but by it's format.

My spirit leaped and reached for it, my soul came into alignment and agreement, and I made a promise to myself in that moment that indeed I would (and could) accomplish writing this blog in that manner.

But did I complete the promise? No. Why not?

The best answer is that I needed the luxury of 'process time'. It is now a month down the road (and a new year!) and I finally sense my 'ready to launch'.

What exactly were the guilty feelings as I processed through to the actual launch? I mean, I had readily seen the way forward that day and grasped hold of it. To my way of thinking, here's what I happened. Maybe this insight will help you with these types of things in your life too.

What I saw that day -- the answer to my meditative prayers about writing this blog-- was indeed "the answer" but it was still in the unseen spiritual realm of faith and hope.

It had not travelled through my being to the point of action. My guilty emotion about the broken promise to myself was in play for a reason in this case.

It turns out that it was the gift of motivation. (I'll admit that I wasn't aware of that at the time.)

What gift of motivation is working itself out in you today?

The guilty emotion has resulted (finally) in this blog post. My promise to myself was regular and consistent release of content on this blog. My "a-ha" about that was how much I truly desire to write and the manner in which I could (and will) work it into my weekly life!

When I ponder this, I'm seeing that my "self" (spirit, soul, body) agreed in a non-physical moment (my whole self came into agreement and alignment), and then it took physical realm "time" to process through to the manifestation. But here we are... and I'm writing on this blog... and the best part is that the purpose of the gift of motivation from the guilty emotion has reached it's fulfillment. I feel great (now)! Hallelujah!

Watching for your moment!

Don't miss your moment of fulfillment... be aware and looking for the moment that guilt turns to the fruit of resolved motivation. Watch and look beyond for your moment of manifestation. And don't be surprised if the weariness of bearing up under the guilt is the motivator to the motion.

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