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The Irony

It's not lost on me, the irony of my life right now. Here I am "building" with God a business based upon focusing on His Presence, that is, advancing the learning regarding the manner and experience of dwelling in His realm and He in my realm, while also entering the housing market in a new area I'm unfamiliar with. And to top it all off, the irony of my new venture being given it's name by God, DwellHOUSE!

My husband and I have lived in our present location since 1987. In today's world that is shocking to some. We have two super-good reasons for beginning to entertain a massive uprooting to a new city, that being our grandchildren. One just turned one, and another is on the way. Other than God telling me to make a physical house change, that is probably the one thing that will uproot my husband and I with more vision than any other thing. We're in the business of reducing the time it takes to get to "their house" from over an hour to more like 15 minutes!

House-hunting is not an entertainment, it's a rather tedious thing in my opinion. Yet, it is fascinating to be one among the masses who go to Open Houses now! You may well imagine me as I go from space to space with my spiritual "antennae" out!

  • Where are you dwelling in this new area for me God?

  • Is it this house? Or, is it the next one on the list?

  • What are the angels of this household up to?

  • Are my angels on task for ordering my steps in this maze?

  • Which Open House house is really open?

In the day's of, it's super easy to see what you "think you're going to get" in a house, and just as you suspected, it may be a totally different thing to actually arrive at the address and amuse yourself looking at the reality of the discrepancy from the photos you've poured over and the fantasy that has ensued about the place! I'm having quite a good time chuckling under my breath at the 'narrative' of an unknown realtor and their word choice describing a house and my own opinion of said 'narrative'.

But here's my point, it has awakened in me a new depth of wonder to realize that most humanity longs for a house to dwell in... and so did God, so does God! Yeah, the unseen God, who created the universe, of which I can only catch local glimpses, wanted to intimately dwell with me (and you). He's been seeking to get on my A-list of invitees, and He wants on yours too!

He knew me in His unseen realm, and then He missed me when my address changed to 101 Earth Suit, Planet 3D Ream, Earth. At one point He had been trying to get an invitation to my house for several years. For some of us He has succeeded to His glorious credit, and for some of us He is still knocking on the front door, but He's not above peeking in on us to surprise us with His longing heart which hopes to cop some time with us in our dwelling. In the timeless fashion of His love-pursuit of His own children... well, He "knows where you live" and He desires to visit! Dwellhouse... of all the names! Dwell in Me, Lord God, so that I may dwell in You.

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