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Update on "River Rafting with Holy Spirit" Event

Sometimes you plan, and then things don't go to plan! Happens all the time, right? Life happens and one must pull aside, pause a little while, take a breather and then consider how to go forward by re-planning.

As you might know, Bralynn Newby and I made plans to offer an opportunity for a deeper dive into the Holy Spirit's river recently. We announced a May 31st start date. We had several people show an interest in what we had planned. (See previous blog post for all details.)

Due to unexpected events we had to postpone it. SO SORRY!

However, we are only postponing it at this stage of the game. We are re-grouping, gathering our sense of direction and hoping to offer this again, except not right now...maybe mid-June!

We definitely want to do this. Our heart for it is to explore with a group of people, some new levels of creative tracks and expressions of Holy Spirit connections on about three different topics. So... I will let you know the new plan soon. Thank you for understanding!

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