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I have sooooo many ideas for this blog. I like my posts to be short and sweet. BUT, I'm also getting ready to write like a ... like a ... um, I'm not sure which euphemism to use here actually... but maybe like.... the house is on FIRE!

There, that metaphor works, and even aligns with my Dwellhouse branding! (Haha, thanks Holy Spirit!) When I get writing you might want to catch my releases on other platforms too.

Here are two brand NEW places to catch me releasing content which I hope you want to read, hear and consider connecting with me about.

I'm over at MeWe! Yep, you will never find me on Facebook (sorry, Big Tech, I'm a freedom loving lady). It takes a little while to get the hang of MeWe, but you're up for it, you can do this!

Come on over to MeWe and simply make an Account. You can get the free version, just click the "skip the free trial" pop-up that appears... and come on in. The water's great over here and they NEVER sell your data or use facial recognition or manipulate your newsfeed. To reach me on MeWe be sure to search for Donna Neeper (as your Contact there) and Dwellhouse (for my Page there). You do not have to have a Page there, you can just simply remain a User with an Account. Free forever.

I'm also over on Rumble. Yep, another freedom, non-restrictive video hosting platform. I think it'll be better than YouTube. I have a channel there called Dwellhouse BUT... sorry for this...I do not have any CONTENT there just yet. Although I invite you to subscribe. Because soon I'll be posting there! I DO have a channel on Rumble where you can find the show I co-host with Bralynn Newby called "The Nth Degree". We've released 3 episodes so far and would be VERY grateful for your feedback! You can check that out at

Please consider this blog your personal invitation to find me on these other media outlets!

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